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We have various types of positions in Hotels & Hospitality, Cleaning & Facilities, Construction, Farming, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Restaurants, and Transportation. These positions are selected based on accessibility to the labor market for international workers. 

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Our positions for International Professionals target fields such as Beauty, Health, Sales, Tech, IT and Management. Registering for one of our positions grants access to our exclusive network of jobs that will elevate your career path in Japan overall.

These positions put you on a level playing field in the employment market.

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Teaching Jobs

 Link Japan Careers currently hires ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) for public elementary, junior high, and senior high schools, English-language school instructors for private schools, English language conversation schools (eikaiwa) and English-language early childhood education facilities such as daycare, after-school care facilities, and bilingual kindergartens. 

These positions allow you to choose the level and format you’d like to work in, and are year-round positions with a great work/life balance and high social respect.

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 Link Japan Careers hires people with the personality and potential to have a successful international career.  Our goal is to provide access to the job market and put international professionals on an even playing field.


About Us

 Start Your Career in Japan with Link Japan Careers, the first company in Japan based on the concept of “Cross-Cultural Design” and dedicated to creating a worry-free path for international professionals looking to live and work in Japan. If you are interested in finding your dream position LJC is your comprehensive partner in finding a job and supporting your life in Japan. 


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We think that it is necessary to provide supporting structures that allow international professionals to work and live comfortably in Japan while coming to understand Japanese culture and lifestyle habits and, at the same time, leveraging the differences between Japan and their own country as strengths. We call the techniques we use to create these structures "Cross-Cultural Design".

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